Does Electoral Observation Influence Electoral Results? Experimental Evidence for Domestic and International Observers in Mozambique (with Pedro C. Vicente)


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Working papers

Mobilizing Parents at Home and at School: An African Experiment on Primary Education (with Vincenzo Di Maro, Danila Serra and Pedro C. Vicente)

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Preparing for Urban Floods in Mozambique: A Field Experiment on Risk Communication

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Work in progress

Collective Action Problems in Monitoring: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Angola (with Vincenzo di Maro, Danila Serra and Pedro C. Vicente)

An Impact Evaluation of the CVME School Governance Project in the Dominican Republic (with Vincenzo di Maro, Gastón Pierri and Eric Teschke)

School Management Committees and Decentralized Funding: Experimental Evidence from the Dominican Republic


COVID-19 Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Bonaire: Socioeconomic Assessment March - December 2020 (with Mary Boyer, Asha Kambon, Ivelisse Justiniano, Rendell de Kort, Herry Koolman and Florencia Millan-Placci)

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Gender-Responsive Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance: Strategies and Policy Recommendations for Central American and Caribbean Countries (with Mary Boyer, Mirtha Escobar and Yulia Krylova)