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(Assistant Professor)


Research Affiliate





Mobilizing Parents at Home and at School: An African Experiment on Primary Education


with V. di Maro, D. Serra, and P. Vicente  |  Coverage:                       ,                              ,

Does Electoral Observation Influence Electoral Results? Experimental Evidence for Domestic and International Observers in Mozambique 


with P. Vicente  |  Coverage: 

Research interests

Development Economics

Environmental Economics

Behavioral Economics

Working Papers

It Will Rain: The Effect of Information on Flood Preparedness in Urban Mozambique

Coverage:                ,           ,                           |   

Research in Progress

Collective Action Problems in Monitoring: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-field Experiment in Angola

with V. di Maro, D. Serra, and P. Vicente  -  Draft available soon

The Effect of Participatory Governance on School Management in the Dominican Republic

with M. Canudo, V. di Maro, G. Pierri, and E. Teschke  -  Draft available soon

Urbanisation Meets the Environment: How Can Urban Communities Manage Migration and Protect Against Climate Risks in Mozambican?

with J. Macdonald and P. Vicente  -  Fieldwork ongoing


COVID-19 Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Bonaire: Socioeconomic Assessment

with Mary Boyer, Asha Kambon, Ivelisse Justiniano, Rendell de Kort, Herry Koolman, and Florencia Millan-Placci

Coverage:                            |

Gender-Responsive Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance: Strategies and Policy Recommendations for Central American and Caribbean Countries

with Mary Boyer, Mirtha Escobar and Yulia Krylova

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